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Say STOP to data re-entry with a commercial & technical configurator (lead > estimate > BOM).

Generate reliable & illustrated quotations, sell online and build dealer loyalty with a single configuration.

Be autonomous in updating your catalog (prices, new products…).

A question?
A project?

Accelerate the costing of your complex products and increase your sales!

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Product & Service Configurator

Would you like to simplify your sales process and boost your sales efficiency to sign more projects? CPQ will revolutionize your business, offering precise configuration, fast quotations and optimized price management.

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Sell more and better

A CPQ solution increases your sales efficiency by proposing the best offer at the best price, while respecting your company’s commercial policy.

  • Management of prices, discounts and promotions
  • Up and cross selling (value-added options)
  • Generate 2D and 3D drawings directly from the costing process
  • Manage your business rules & constraints
  • Integrated into your IS (e-commerce interfaces, CRM, ERP, CAD, etc.)

KparK revolutionizes customer relations!

Read about the experience of France’s leading joinery distributor.

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Reliable, illustrated quotes in minutes

CPQ makes it easy to create customized offers for every project and every customer.
Thanks to an intuitive, intelligent interface, the user can quickly and precisely configure the options and variants of the commercial offer, while taking the buyer’s specific needs into account.

CPQ tools enable you to quickly issue a customized, precise and detailed sales proposal, with 2D and 3D illustrations.
Buyers can visualize their project in real time, and some solutions offer augmented reality visualization to immerse and project the customer even further, reinforcing their choice.

These features improve customer satisfaction and engagement, speeding up the purchasing act.

“When we put a tool in the hands of our sales staff that enables them to provide more support to our customers, the customer himself is in a better position to make a decision, and sales performance is much better”.

– François Banse, Digital Director KparK

Productivity improvement

Thanks to CPQ, sales teams can quickly generate accurate, detailed and reliable quotations from a single platform where all information is centralized.

Optimizing the sales process enables the sales force to focus on its core function: selling, through better customer care and support.

A fast, reliable tool and a more available, more committed advisor are key factors in selling more and better.

CPQ isn’t just a spreadsheet program. It’s a commercial AND technical configurator that centralizes product information, in an omnichannel logic (same configurator = same data whatever the sales channel => e-commerce, leads, resellers and in-house).

For example, a CPQ can generate not only a quotation, but also a parts list for manufacturing (BOM), technical drawings… and even export a 3D file that can be used by your Solidworks, PTC Creo or AutoCAD CAD system.

Speeding up the quotation validation cycle

CPQ solutions can also be used to create a validation workflow to guarantee the levels of discounts and margins granted by the sales force. The solution is therefore a guarantee of peace of mind to secure the profitability of your business.

Controlling prices, costs and margins

CPQ lets you set consistent, competitive prices. Using configurable pricing rules, you can take into account production costs, margins, potential discounts and other key factors. This helps you maintain consistent profitability while remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Performance monitoring and analysis

CPQ provides complete visibility of the sales process, enabling you to track performance, measure key indicators and make informed decisions.
You can analyze trends, identify the most profitable products, adjust your pricing strategies and detect opportunities for improvement.

CPQ enables you to maximize your profitability andoptimize your business over the long term.

To ensure the success of your CPQ project

ITCelerator is an experienced CPQ software solutions integrator and consultancy.
Our teams of experts will help you choose and integrate your CPQ solution to ensure its success.

All our CPQ solutions

Our consultants will take care of the complete, customized implementation of your CPQ solution, ensuring that they are present at every stage of the project: discovery/analysis of your needs, modeling/parameterization of your product/service catalog & transfer of skills to make you autonomous.

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