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We put our technical expertise to work to meet your specific needs. With a team of experienced consultants, we bring you our 3D know-how for your CPQ or sales promotion projects.

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3D & real-time modeling

Real-time 3D visualization provides an immersive experience for your customers & prospects, enabling them to interact with and view – in real time – their customized configurations from every angle, seamlessly and without any perceptible delay.

Sometimes, the 3D files you have at your disposal come from CAD software (generated by your design office or supplier) with a high level of detail that prevents them from being used in other contexts, such as sales.

Our experts can help you create – if you don’t have any 3D assets – oroptimize your files (to lighten them, improve rendering, add animations…) according to your needs, and in the required format (STEP, OBJ, FBX…).

3D animations

3D animations bring your products to life in a captivating, immersive way.

By integrating 3D animations into your marketing approach, you can truly captivate your target audience and increase the impact of your initiatives, such as :

  • Product animation: present your products from every angle, rotate them, virtually dismantle them and highlight their key features. Product animations are particularly useful for complex, technical or high-value items, helping to clarify their features and benefits in a visually engaging way.
  • Simulation of use: to simulate how your products are used in real life. For example, if you sell industrial equipment, you could show how it works in a production environment. This approach allows customers to visualize how your product fits into their daily routine, reinforcing their confidence in its effectiveness.
  • Dynamic advertising: 3D animated ads stand out from the crowd. You can create short, punchy videos that creatively showcase your products, attracting attention and engaging viewers. 3D animations offer an infinite range of possibilities for original and memorable advertising campaigns.

Seduce with photo-realistic 3D rendering

Photo-realistic 3D transcends the traditional limits of sales presentations, offering a captivating, immersive visual experience that has the power to charm and persuade even the most demanding customers.

When a customer sees a product or concept presented with such clarity and finesse, they are more inclined to project themselves into using the product or committing to the proposed concept. This emotional connection builds customer confidence and creates a memorable experience that stands out from the competition.

Real-time 3D use cases

Here are a few examples of how real-time 3D is commonly used:

  • 3D catalog: visualize your objects in 3 dimensions, accessible from your website or a third party such as Sketchfab.
  • e-Commerce: visualize your objects in 3D, integrated with the e-commerce CMS you use (Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce…).
  • Augmented, virtual or mixed reality (XR ): visualize and manipulate your 3D objects at actual size, to project yourself into the use of the product.
  • CPQ (visual selling): integration of your 3D objects linked to a questionnaire (scenario) containing your business and pricing rules, to generate fast, reliable and illustrated quotes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Acting as a co-pilot to your sales people, or as a sales advisor directly to your end customers, AI can help you boost your sales activity in a variety of ways.

ITCelerator, CPQ Expert, supports you in the implementation of AI tools based on your business data.

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Salesforce Industries CPQ

Salesforce Industries CPQ: a 360° solution – from configuration to sales offer generation

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Ready CPQ

The 100% French no-code CPQ!

Configure & cost your products, with or without graphic rendering, and go as far as electronic signature thanks to the READY CPQ solution, easy to set up without any IT skills (nocode).

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Automatic document generation

Automate the document creation process!

Document generation, or “DocGen” in English, enables automatic generation of documents such as contracts, reports, proposals, invoices, and other types of commercial or institutional documents to gain in productivity, accuracy and efficiency.

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