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Automate your document generation with a desktop publishing tool, increasing productivity, efficiency, accuracy and consistency of information, while freeing up time for more strategic activities.


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DocGen is a solution for automatic generation of documents such as contracts, reports, proposals, invoices and other types of commercial or institutional documents.

Integrating this type of software is a strategic asset for optimizing document flow management and increasing efficiency:

Time-saving :

Automation of the document creation process significantly reduces the time needed to generate reports, contracts, sales proposals and more. DocGen frees employees from repetitive, time-consuming tasks, allowing them to concentrate on higher value-added tasks.


Error reduction :

By automating document generation, the risk of human error is minimized. Information is reliable because it is extracted from data sources, reducing potential inconsistencies and errors.


Customization and uniformity

Companies can create flexible, adaptable document templates. This enables large-scale personalization, while ensuring compliance with brand image and standards in terms of format, style and content.


Integration with other systems :

DocGen software is often designed to integrate easily with other enterprise systems, such as CRM systems like Salesforce or Dynamics, ERP or content management systems, making it easy to retrieve the data needed to generate documents.


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Integrating a document generation solution into your information system is a strategic asset. Nevertheless, the choice and implementation of the right software must be accompanied byan expert who, in addition to his or her technical expertise, will be able to understand and translate your specific business requirements into a solution integrated into your overall information system.

Our consulting firm offers you comprehensive support to ensure that your project is a success, that your objectives are met and that your return on investment is rapid.

The best software solution on the market :

Our experts work closely with you to select and integrate the most appropriate DocGen software solution for your specific needs, enabling you to optimize your productivity.

We have studied the current software to offer you the most relevant and scalable document generation solution .

Conga Composer.

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Answers from a DocGen expert


Welcome to our FAQ section dedicated to Document Generation solutions. Here you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Automatic document generation (DocGen) is a technology that automates the process of creating documents such as contracts, reports and proposals. By opting for DocGen, your company benefits from increased efficiency, reduced human error, large-scale personalization, and consistency in the format and style of your documents.

DocGen solutions, including Conga Composer, are designed to integrate easily with a variety of systems, including CRMs such as Salesforce or Dynamics , ERP and content management systems. This seamless integration ensures rapid access to the data required for document generation, improving the consistency and efficiency of your document processes.

DocGen software can be used to generate a wide range of documents, such as contracts, reports, sales proposals, invoices and much more. The possibilities are vast, and the flexibility offered by DocGen means you canadapt documenttemplates to virtually any specific business need.

CONGA Composer

Automatic document generation: optimize your document workflow!

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