Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Acting as a co-pilot to your sales people, or as a sales advisor directly to your end customers, AI can help you boost your sales activity in a variety of ways.

ITCelerator, CPQ Expert, supports you in the implementation of AI tools based on your business data.

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Salesforce Industries CPQ

Salesforce Industries CPQ is a comprehensive, powerful tool for managing offer construction, eligibility, pricing and subscription.

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Ready CPQ

Configure, quote and generate estimates quickly and easily with READY CPQ, a 100% no-code, 100% French solution.

With Sketchup or AutoCAD connectors, READY CPQ is the commercial ally of your drawing tool.

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Automatic document generation

Automated document generation systems enable users to create customized document templates, often based on data from various sources such as databases, spreadsheets or management systems. These templates can be used to quickly and consistently generate complete documents by filling in the necessary fields with the appropriate information.

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CONGA Composer

Optimize productivity and ensure document accuracy by eliminating time-consuming tasks!

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Pricing, a powerful growth lever

Pricing is an essential aspect of quotation and sales management, and can have a significant impact on the profitability and growth of a company, whatever its size or sector.

CPQ (Configuration, Pricing and Quotation) is a software solution that automates and simplifies the process of configuration, pricing and quotation creation for customizable products or services, enabling accurate pricing and rapid quotation generation.

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Contract management (CLM)

Centralize, automate, collaborate, analyze… to reduce risks and control costs!

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CONGA Quote-to-Cash

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Save time and close contracts faster – while improving compliance and visibility – with Conga’s contract lifecycle management solutions.

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From quotation to collection (QTC)

Revenue lifecycle management: optimize all sales processes, from the configuration of a sales proposal to revenue recognition.
Generate sustainable income!

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Tacton CPQ offers a powerful product configuration platform, combining simplicity, advanced automation and exceptional customization.

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Threekit 3D Configurator

Offer a personalized, immersive 3D shopping experience and boost your sales with Threekit 3D Configurator!

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Transform your revenue cycle processes to offer customers a seamless shopping experience

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Configurateur 3D

3D configurator

Engage your customers and increase your conversion rate with 3D CPQ configuration!
Offer your customers a hyper-realistic personalization and visualization tool for an interactive and immersive shopping experience.

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EPICOR CPQ is a powerful CPQ (Configuration, Pricing, Quotation) tool designed to simplify and improve companies’ sales processes, thanks in particular to a high-performance 3D visualization tool.

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Configuration, pricing, quotation (CPQ)

“Product configurator, 3D configurator, commercial and technical configurator…”, the CPQ is sometimes called by different names depending on the company and the sector.

A CPQ is a solution forautomating the sales process. It enables companies to quickly configure customized products/services, calculate their prices and generate clear, precise quotations for customers, whether professional (B2B) or private (B2C).

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