Loxam Module speeds up its sales cycle with Epicor CPQ

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15 February 2024

Discover LoxQuote, Loxam Module’s new sales offer generation platform, designed by ITCelerator

No more Excel spreadsheets and multiple tools for generating sales offers! Now you can generate clear, complete and visual quotations in the shortest possible time with a single, simple quotation tool accessible from your Salesforce CRM!

After consulting several software publishers and integrators, the choice fell on the ITCelerator team, both business experts and integrators of the Epicor CPQ solution.

A strategic project for Loxam Module

The initial need

> Respond immediately to calls for tender and consultations for a wide variety of projects:
Hundreds of modules to configure, price and integrate into a commercial offer incorporating multiple criteria (uses, regulations, various services, etc.).

> Propose comprehensive, easy-to-read offers toensure rapid order intake.
Loxam Module must be as responsive and flexible as possible to meet the changing needs of its customers.

> Unify costing tools:
A multiplicity of tools: Excel spreadsheets, word-processing tools, CAD tools, CRM, ERP, etc. that are not interconnected.
Multiple re-entries into these tools and exchanges between the various parties involved (design office, logistics, etc.) lengthened the time needed to draw up quotations, increasing the risk of errors and customer dissatisfaction.

The ITCelerator answer: commercial offer configuration by EPICOR CPQ

> Generate complete, visual sales offers in record time.

ITCelerator implemented the Epicor CPQ commercial offer configuration solution. An omnichannel, collaborative platform that enables Salesforce CRM to manage the entire design of modular offers:

  • Fast, intuitive configuration of pre-configured living environments andmodular structures, in compliance with environmental, technical and legal regulations .
  • Real-time, realistic 2D and 3D visualization of configuration, without having to call in the design department
  • Set up automatic technical briefs with price management for rapid generation of reliable, readable and complete sales offers.
  • Comprehensive, real-time dashboards and reporting tools to guide and manage sales strategy.

The Epicor CPQ platform is designed to enable users to configure complex offers efficiently and accurately. It centralizes all sales activities, from the recognition of sales opportunities in Salesforce to order confirmation and the generation of a hyper-personalized sales offer. This saves a considerable amount of time, and allows you to engage the customer quickly. Fares are adjusted in real time. CPQ reduces the risk of errors and speeds up order taking.

What we expect from the new tool is a much more reassuring readability of the plan,the 3D view, the financial offer and the technical description. The advantage is also that we can leave behind an Excel matrix where all the operations are manual, which allows us to secure the data and have the same vision of the financial data for all the agencies that use it.“.
Stéphane Forêt, Manager of the Atlantic regional branch in Nantes.

ITCelerator, efficient and quick to use

Of the 5 companies we consulted, ITCelerator was the only one to understand our technical needs and offer a customized presentation of our project,” explains Bertrand Loubier, head of the design office.

ITCelerator’s key factors in LoxQuote’s success :

  • ITCelerator teams complete the project in just 6 months
  • Proactivity and responsiveness : our teams listen, understand and effectively translate technical and functional requirements.
  • Proven Agile methodology with regular “test & learn” deliveries
  • Proven expertise in EPICOR CPQ software enabled integration in record time for the fastest possible ROI

ITCelerator listens to your projects

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