KparK boosts its sales of Pergola with visual selling (3D CPQ)

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12 November 2023

« The best of configuration in a single, purpose-built tool at the customer’s service »

Here is how François BANSE, KparK’s Digital Director, describes ITCelerator’s integrated pergola configurator.

To consolidate its position as France’s leading Windows & Doors distributor, KparK has teamed up with ITCelerator to create a unique shopping experience using the EPICOR CPQ 3D configurator.

After consulting several software publishers and integrators, the choice fell on the ITCelerator team, experts in both Windows/Doors and CPQ.

A look back at this strategic project for KparK

At the origin of the project

Offer a personalized customer relationship and shopping experience

KparK distinguishes itself in the Windows/Doors distribution market through a service strategy focused on the customer at every stage of the commercial relationship.

As part of the launch of its new range of bioclimatic pergolas, KparK wanted to equip its customer advisors with a simple, visual and intuitive sales support tool to accompany appointments at customers’ homes.

ITCelerator’s answer

As experts in the Windows/Doors sector, ITCelerator consultants supported KparK at every stage of the project: needs analysis, technical and functional recommendations, selection and implementation of the Epicor CPQ visual configuration solution..

The EPICOR CPQ configuration, pricing and quotation platform is designed to enable salespeople, partners and customers to configure complex products and offers efficiently and accurately, integrating photo-realistic 3D projection and augmented reality.

« In addition to the quality of the products we offer, we have always attached great importance to the associated services. For example, we turned to ITCelerator to help us integrate a customer-oriented configuration tool. An intuitive, fast and simple tool that enables our technical advisers to concentrate on their sales expertise. »

Discover the exclusive interview with François BANSE, Digital Director, KparK


Main features of the 3D configurator used by KparK :

    • configure complex products with numerous components or variants
    • Real-time, highly realistic 3D visualization of the configured product (including dimensions, technical details, lighting and shadows, from every angle, etc.).
    • project configuration into the real environment using augmented reality
    • adapt pricing instantly according to buyer profile
    • propose a reliable and complete commercial offer, including technical details, 2D plans and 3D renderings, stocks, delivery times…

The benefits of the sales offer configurator:

Optimize the sales cycle and improve customer satisfaction

The Epicor CPQ platform is designed to enable salespeople, partners and customers to configure complex products and offers efficiently and accurately. It covers all sales activities, from the identification of sales opportunities to the generation of a hyper-personalized sales offer and order confirmation. This saves time and improves customer service. Price adjustments are made in real time. CPQ reduces the risk of errors and returns, and speeds up order preparation.

Speeds up the act of purchase and boosts sales

The advantage of a visual configurator is that it supports the purchasing experience with 3D, meaning that users can personalize their pergola project and visualize it realistically in real time. They can zoom in on the tiniest details, animate it and modulate it to suit their exact requirements. To take things a step further, the tool offers augmented reality visualization, i.e. superimposing the 3D-configured project onto the buyer’s real environment using a tablet or smartphone.

A global, strategic tool

The entire process is centralized in a single platform, available online (SaaS solution) and from any type of medium (computers, tablets, showroom, etc.), and integrated into the KparK information system (notably the SalesForce CRM).

From the distributor’s point of view, the solution goes beyond sales support, as it offers advanced analysis functions that provide a better understanding of buyer behavior and profiles. These indicators can then be used to guide certain strategic choices, notably in terms of production volumes and R&D.

ITCelerator, a quick and efficient integrator

A large part of the KparK range is already integrated into the Epicor CPQ 3D configurator. As part of the launch of the pergola range, ITCelerator integrated all the variations and combinations in a record time of 2 months: layout, dimensions, shapes, colors, slat orientation, lighting effects, motorized adjustable slats, additional options, etc.

« ITCelerator’s support and the integration of Epicor CPQ have accelerated the act of selling, in particular thanks to the visual dimension. Photo-realistic 3D and augmented reality create an immersive, impactful experience. The platform’s ease of use and instant approach give customers the feeling that they are getting a hyper-personalized, even unique, response. The CPQ implemented by ITCelerator is now a valuable commercial ally for our sales force!»

François BANSE

ITCelerator listens to your projects

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