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Configuration of complex products & services | 3D visualization
Reliable and accurate pricing & quotations | Margin and discount control
eneration of technical data | Contract, Revenue & Renewal management

Configuration, pricing, quotation (CPQ)

The CPQ, a commercial and technical configurator!
As a configurator of complex, customized products & services, CPQ enables you to generate clear, reliable quotations quickly. Some solutions integrate dynamic 3D graphics, and even generate bills of materials…

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Contract management (CLM)

Manage your contracts throughout their lifecycle

The CLM, sometimes called “clausier” or “contrathèque”, is a software package that simplifies the generation of contracts by automating and proposing predefined clauses that can be used autonomously by the business, with monitoring and control by the legal department.

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From quotation to collection (QTC)

Quote-To-Cash or Revenue Lifecycle Management

It manages all sales processes, from the configuration of an offer and the generation of a quotation, to the collection of payment. A comprehensive, end-to-end solution that facilitates configuration, contract negotiation, recurrence (subscription/pay-per-use) and revenue recognition.

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A team of passionate experts

ITCelerator is a consulting firm specializing in the commercial and operational performance of companies that manufacture or distribute complex, customizable products or services.

Since 2016, we’ve been focusing our offering around Quote-To-Cash” solutions, i.e. all solutions that cover commercial processes, from purchase intent to revenue recognition.


+20 experts

Our team combines technical and business expertise to guarantee high-performance, customized solutions.

+20% of growth

Solid financial stability, ensuring the confidence of our customers and partners.

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QUALIOPI certification issued by ICPF for the following categories of actions: Training courses.

International projects

A bilingual team (French/English) to manage international projects.

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Growth accelerator

Our consultancy in CPQ (Commercial & Technical Configurator), Pricing, CLM (Contract Management) and Quote-to-Cash (Revenue lifecycle management) is recognized for its expertise and commitment to its customers. We support you in optimizing your sales and contract management processes, to accelerate your performance and revenues.


Recognizing our customers as a performance driver

Jérôme Cornu, Sales Director at Loxam Module

Thanks to EPICOR CPQ, we can offer our employees a simple environment and our customers a clear offer”.

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Stefan ISAKSSON, Bid & Pricing Manager at Wabtec Faiveley Nordic

We’ve reduced our quotation turnaround time by 38% thanks to Conga CPQ, proof of a major acceleration in the overall process.”

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François BANSE, Digital/General Manager, KparK

“Thanks to the Epicor CPQ configurator, we can project our customers into their purchase, which boosts sales.”

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26 April 2024

How to choose the best CPQ?

When your company is looking to optimize its quotation processes and develop sales, choosing the right CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software becomes essential. With the multitude of software solutions available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which CPQ best meets your specific needs. To help you in this process, here are a […]

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12 February 2024

CLM, optimize your contract management

CLM encompasses all the processes involved in creating, negotiating, executing and managing contracts...

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22 January 2024

Why install a CPQ?

CPQ and time-to-quote reduction

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23 April 2024

When should I change product configurators?

Warning signs to watch out for Changing tools or integrating a new component into an IS is no easy task. First of all, there are the functional aspects (meeting business challenges and needs), the technical aspects (technology used, security, performance…) and also change management. An IT project remains a human project However, there are sometimes […]

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