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Throughout the revenue lifecycle, Conga CPQ makes it easier and more efficient for companies to sell. Teams can configure prices, discounts, baskets and more to create complex proposals, contracts, renewals and other critical business documents.

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CONGA CPQ is a complete solution that simplifies and automates the sales process, from product configuration to quotation generation and contract management. It enables sales teams to accelerate sales cycles, optimize pricing and propose customized offers, helping to boost growth and profitability.

Key features

Advanced configuration logic

A simple, intuitive interface that allows users to easily select specific product features, options and configurations.

Intelligent pricing

Take into account various parameters such as discounts, promotions, special rates and complex pricing rules.
Automatic calculation of accurate, competitive prices for each sales proposal to maximize profitability while remaining competitive.

Personalized, professional quotes

Fast, automatic generation with the option of adding customer-specific information, detailed product descriptions, images and other elements to create attractive, high-impact proposals.

Contract management

Functionality for creating, managing and monitoring sales contracts. Users can automate contract generation, negotiation and renewal processes, reducing lead times and improving legal compliance.

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Integrations and customizations

Easily integrate with other systems and tools such as CRM, ERP, CAD tools, etc. It also offers customization options to meet the specific needs of each company.

All about CONGA CPQ

ITCelerator, your integrator partner

As CONGA solution experts, we specialize in the implementation and optimization of the CONGA CPQ solution, as well as the entire CONGA suite.

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Why choose CONGA CPQ

Optimize your sales processes

  • Generate precise, personalized quotes in real time.
  • Simplify administrative tasks with an intuitive interface and full automation.
  • Personalized recommendations thanks to built-in artificial intelligence.
  • Reduce errors and eliminate double entry.
  • Real-time monitoring of the progress of each proposal.

With advanced pricing optimization and product configuration features, maximize the value of every transaction. Increase your profitability and competitiveness by proposing attractive offers tailored to your customers’ needs.

With precise product configuration, optimized pricing and customized proposals, attract new customers and build loyalty. Maximize your sales efficiency with Conga CPQ.

CONGA CPQ helps you identify new opportunities, improve your margins and increase the number of deals you close. With accurate pricing, customized offers and automated sales processes, you maximize your potential for growth and commercial success.

CONGA solutions expert answers


Welcome to our FAQ section dedicated to CPQ solutions. Here you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about configuration, pricing, quote generation and contract management.

CONGA CPQ is designed to integrate seamlessly with most information systems, CRM, ERP, CAD tools, e-commerce platforms and more. ITCelerator experts draw on a wide range of connectors (APIs) for seamless integration, guaranteeing a smooth flow of information and an optimal user experience.

Yes, CONGA CLM can be added to CONGA CPQ to optimize the sales process and contract management. The integration enables a seamless transition between product configuration and pricing in CONGA CPQ and contract management, creation and execution in CONGA CLM. This provides an integrated solution for optimizing the sales process and contract management.
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Conga solutions are designed to help companies of all sizes and in all sectors to improve their sales, product configuration, pricing and contract management processes: retail, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare or other fields.

Since its creation, ITCelerator has positioned itself as a partner and integrator of CONGA solutions. A dedicated team of experts is at your service for tailor-made integration and configuration to ensure the successful implementation of CONGA in your organization.

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Powerful costing solution

CONGA CPQ is based on no-code parameterization, an advanced pricing engine (with a basket concept very useful for multi-product sales) and a user-friendly interface facilitating collaboration between your different departments.

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Save time and close contracts faster – while improving compliance and visibility – with Conga’s contract lifecycle management solutions.

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CONGA Quote-to-Cash

Conga generates predictable revenues by aligning processes, teams and technology with a unified data model throughout the revenue lifecycle.

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