Expert Ready software solution: the Digital Sales Assistant

Configure, cost, design and collaborate quickly and easily with Ready, the 100% no-code, 100% French CPQ.

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Accelerate the costing of your complex products and increase your sales!

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Imagine your sales force being able to create quotations in just a few clicks, have automated lead follow-up and get a real-time overview of your sales. The solution is Ready, the Digital Sales Assistant for complex products and services!


Ready: turn your quotes into growth opportunities

Ready CPQ was set up by a company director who was well aware of the complexity encountered by many sales staff when producing quotations: searching for templates, managing a variety of scattered documents, keeping track of them in non-updated spreadsheets, laborious storage, etc. Counter-productive processes that excessively mobilize teams and increase the risk of errors.

Ready is a software solution designed to simplify the design of sales offers and thus accelerate the sales cycle.



Key features :


  • Intuitive configuration :

Ready features a user-friendly interface that enables sales teams to easily configure customized offers based on each customer’s specific needs. Simple configuration guarantees maximum flexibility in the creation of customized offers.


  • Dynamic price management :

The solution integrates advanced price management, taking into account various parameters such as discounts, promotions and contractual conditions. This dynamic approach guarantees accurate pricing, tailored to each business opportunity.


  • Process automation :

Ready automates the entire process, from configuration to quote generation, eliminating potential errors and significantly accelerating response times. Automation frees up time for your teams to concentrate on higher value-added tasks.


  • Seamless integration with your information system:

Compatible with the most commonly used CRM and ERP systems, Ready integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. This seamless integration enables rapid implementation without major disruption to your existing operations.


  • Advanced reporting tools :

Ready offers advanced reporting tools for accessing key information in real time: number of projects validated, in progress or lost, in quantity or value, associated amounts… These reports provide a clear vision and help steer sales strategy.


ITCelerator, your integrator partner

As Ready’s long-standing partner, we specialize in implementing and optimizing the software solution.

Our expertise in Ready solutions .

As atraining organization, we offer programs tailored to your needs.

Why choose Ready CPQ

Digitalize your sales offers and sell better

  • Reduce sales cycles:

By simplifying and accelerating the offer configuration process, Ready helps to significantly reduce sales cycles, enabling teams to seize opportunities quickly.

  • Optimizing profitability :

Thanks to dynamic and precise pricing, Ready maximizes the profitability of each transaction, while ensuring market competitiveness.

  • Productivity improvement :

Process automation frees up time for teams, boosting overall productivity and enabling them to concentrate on higher value-added activities.

  • Adaptability and scalability :

Ready’s flexibility makes it easy to adapt to market developments and changing customer needs, ensuring a sustainable solution for your company’s long-term growth.

Ready expert answers


Ready automates the creation of quotations by offering ready-to-use templates that can be customized in just a few clicks. This intelligent automation reduces the time spent on this task, allowing your team to concentrate on developing your business.

No-code is an approach that allows offers to be configured without the need for coding skills. Ready features a user-friendly, intuitive interface that lets your teams customize and adjust quotation templates without the need for programming. This flexibility enables rapid adaptation to market trends and the specific needs of each customer.

Yes, thanks to ITCelerator, Ready’s long-standing partner. ITCelerator offers comprehensive training programs to ensure that you get to grips with the solution quickly and efficiently. These training sessions are designed to help your teams master all Ready’s features and optimize their day-to-day use.


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