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Quick, illustrated quotes

As a manufacturer of modular or off-site construction, it’s essential to be able to offer reliable, made-to-measure solutions in the shortest possible time, without having to go to the design office for a 3D perspective or 2D technical drawing, while guaranteeing optimum profitability.
CPQ enables manufacturers to simplify andautomate their sales process, offering numerous advantages.

Sell more and better

A CPQ solution increases your sales efficiency by proposing the best offer at the best price, while respecting your company’s commercial policy.

  • Management of prices, discounts and promotions
  • Up and cross selling (value-added options)
  • Generate 2D and 3D drawings directly from the costing process
  • Manage your business rules & constraints
  • Integrated into your IS (e-commerce interfaces, CRM, ERP, CAD, etc.)

Tailor-made, reliable sales offers

CPQ makes it quick and easy to create customized offers for each project/customer.
Thanks to an intuitive, intelligent interface, you can quickly and precisely configure the options and variants of your modular offerings, while taking into account the specific needs of your customers.

CPQ enables you to offer tailor-made solutions that meet their exact expectations, strengthening your relationship and customer satisfaction.

Optimizing internal processes

Modular or off-site construction requires precise coordination between different teams and departments, such as design, manufacturing, logistics and sales. CPQ lets you streamline and automate these internal processes, centralizing all relevant information in a single, cross-functional platform.

CPQ reduces errors and delays, improvesoperational efficiency and cuts costs to ensure customer satisfaction.

Controlling prices, costs and margins

CPQ enables us to set consistent, competitive prices. Using configurable pricing rules, you can take into account production costs, margins, potential discounts and other key factors.

This helps you maintain consistent profitability while remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Sales acceleration

With CPQ, you can quickly generate accurate, detailed quotations. Automatic quotation and documentation generation features enable you to considerably reduce the time needed to prepare a quotation. You can also visualize configurations in real time, showing your customers what their final project will look like. This improves the customer experience and reduces sales lead times.

LOXAM Module speeds up its sales cycle with ITCelerator!

Find out what the specialist in the rental and sale of modular buildings has to say.

Performance monitoring and analysis

CPQ provides complete visibility of the sales process, enabling you to track performance, measure key indicators and make informed decisions. You can analyze trends, identify the most profitable products, adjust your pricing strategies and detect opportunities for improvement.

CPQ enables you to maximize your profitability andoptimize your business over the long term.

To ensure the success of your CPQ project

ITCelerator is an experienced CPQ software solutions integrator and consultancy.
Our teams of experts will help you choose and integrate your CPQ solution to ensure its success.

All our CPQ solutions

Our consultants will carry out the complete, customized implementation of your CPQ solution for you, ensuring a presence in all phases of a project: discovery/analysis of needs, modeling/parameterization of your product/service catalog & transfer of skills to make you autonomous.

Our expertise in detail

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Acting as a co-pilot to your sales people, or as a sales advisor directly to your end customers, AI can help you boost your sales activity in a variety of ways.

ITCelerator, CPQ Expert, supports you in the implementation of AI tools based on your business data.

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Salesforce Industries CPQ

Salesforce Industries CPQ: a 360° solution – from configuration to sales offer generation

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Ready CPQ

The 100% French no-code CPQ!

Configure & cost your products, with or without graphic rendering, and go as far as electronic signature thanks to the READY CPQ solution, easy to set up without any IT skills (nocode).

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Automatic document generation

Automate the document creation process!

Document generation, or “DocGen” in English, enables automatic generation of documents such as contracts, reports, proposals, invoices, and other types of commercial or institutional documents to gain in productivity, accuracy and efficiency.

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