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Standardize, automate and accelerate processes

Companies that have standardized their legal language and clauses with Conga have improved compliance by 36% and reduced contract processing time by 25%, enabling them to generate more large-scale contracts.

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Save time and close contracts faster – while improving compliance and visibility – with Conga’s contract lifecycle management solutions. Optimize internal and external communication and collaboration, focusing on efficiency, compliance and strategic perspectives.

CONGA CLM, your contract management partner

Manage complex, enterprise-wide contract lifecycles to mitigate risk, reduce friction and help your business evolve.

Fluid contract negotiations

Conga CLM is an essential part of Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud, a unified set of products built on the Conga platform that enables you to overcome the complexity of your revenue lifecycle and increase revenue certainty. Conga’s open, flexible and high-performance solution unifies, automates and standardizes revenue processes across all teams to maximize customer lifetime value.

Key features :

Central reference frame

Manage all contracts in a single tool, with a complete view of the entire contract cycle, including versions, negotiation, approval history and metrics.

Key information

Automatically extract key contracts and terms for strategic insights, accurate reporting and risk mitigation with AI.

Pre-approved language

Minimize risk and reduce lengthy legal approval times by integrating pre-approved standard language and clauses.

Online contract collaboration

Shorten contract approval cycles and synchronize changes between parties with real-time comments and annotations.

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Fluid integrations

Manage the entire contract lifecycle without putting aside the tools you use every day (Microsoft, SalesForce…).

All about CONGA CLM

ITCelerator, your integrator partner

Our consulting firm is made up of a team of consultants with significant experience in deploying CONGA solutions. We support you throughout the integration project, to ensure that you achieve your objectives in terms of operational efficiency.

Why choose CONGA CLM

Comprehensive, scalable contract management

Conga CLM’s advanced contract management significantly reduces errors and omissions, ensuring more reliable agreements, improved legal compliance and greater efficiency in the contracting process.

The implementation of CONGA CLM has led to an increase in compliance, thanks to its advanced tracking and management functionalities. Contracts now strictly comply with current regulations, reducing legal risks and guaranteeing compliant and reliable agreements.

The implementation of CONGA CLM has led to a significant acceleration in contract processing. Thanks to its advanced automation and workflow features, processing times have been considerably reduced, enabling faster contract cycles and improved productivity.

CONGA CLM offers 360° visibility over the entire contract cycle. From creation to signature, including negotiation and change management, this advanced solution gives you a complete overview, promoting better decision-making, efficient management and optimization of contractual processes.

CONGA solutions expert answers


Welcome to our FAQ section dedicated to CLM solutions. Here you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about contract management and renewal.

  • Request: a corporate user applies for a contract
  • Drafting: a contract is created
  • Negotiation: the terms are agreed between the parties
  • Approval
  • Execution: the contract is signed, implemented and placed in a repository
  • Obligations: ensuring that both parties fulfill their part of the agreement
  • Compliance: meet all reporting, research and government requirements
  • Modification/renewal: contracts are modified and renewed, then the cycle starts again.

Conga CLM promotes the updating of clause and language libraries for consistent, professional contracts. Compliance is ensured with standard workflows and required approvals. They all start up at the click of a button, with easy contract generation.

Conga CLM manages the most complex processes, and has been designed for enterprise-wide, multi-service use. Workflows involving multiple reviewers, heavily modified contracts with complex negotiations, and contracts requiring the contribution of several people in multiple departments are no problem at all.

As soon as you start managing your contracts with Conga CLM in Salesforce, you’ll notice :

  • Visibility into contract progress
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Faster sales cycle and revenue generation
  • Fewer manual processes, fewer headaches and fewer human errors

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