CPQ: optimize omnichannel sales and launch new offers faster

A CPQ solution automates and simplifies the way complex products or services are configured, priced and offered to customers. It’s a powerful tool for managing offer construction, eligibility, pricing and subscription.

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Accelerate the costing of your complex products and increase your sales!

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Putting the customer at the heart of every experience

Digital transformation is redefining the interaction between customers and companies. In the insurance sector, this concept is particularly important as customers are confronted with major life events. They want a fast, simple experience to insure themselves and their loved ones.

It’s essential that your sales teams are able to respond effectively to the specific needs of each customer, whatever the sales channel used, and deliver quotes quickly.


Earning customer trust and loyalty

  • Facilitate the subscription process: propose a suitable offer as quickly and clearly as possible
  • Guaranteeing an omnichannel customer experience


Managing the complexity of offers and pricing

  • Multiple offers with numerous options and clauses
  • A complex pricing system that needs to be made clearer for beneficiaries
  • Fast, effective risk assessment and management


Adapt quickly to market changes

  • Ability to adapt to changes in the sector and regulations
  • Quick and efficient integration of new offers


Stand out from the competition

  • Build innovative sales offers
  • Offer combinations, targeting, sales rebound, promotions, etc.


Optimize sales cycle costs

  • Facilitate self-training for advisors and support the network’s sales approach
  • Developing new distribution models


CPQ, a solution for configuring and pricing commercial offers and sales support in an omnichannel environment

A CPQ solution speeds up the sales process and the creation of commercial offers, guaranteeing a seamless customer experience whatever the sales channel:

  • Accelerate new product launches: teams are autonomous in designing new customized products, defining corresponding price lists and sales scripts, and deploying them throughout the sales network or on the Internet, all in just a few clicks.


  • Creating customized offers: a CPQ solution enables the sales network to create proposals in real time and simulate different scenarios. Advisors are guided through an interactive script to develop modular proposals perfectly tailored to customers’ needs. From your website, customers are guided through a dynamic questionnaire to select the best products. They can then continue the discussion with a branch advisor.


  • Contextualizing offers: CPQ draws on customer data and product information to propose contextual, relevant solutions. Propose offers that target your customers’ specific needs and budget, drive proactive renewals and identify additional policy/plan requirements.


  • Efficient customer targeting: CPQ provides the data needed for advanced analysis to identify the most promising opportunities and target the most profitable market segments.


  • Omnichannel sales development: offer a consistent customer experience across all your sales channels.

Opting for a CPQ solution enables you to propose personalized offers to your buyers, whatever the sales channel. Automating and simplifying sales processes translates into higher sales and higher margins.

Make every shopping experience more personalized and every transaction more profitable by integrating the CPQ best suited to your needs. Our team of experts will help you choose and implement the most effective software solution.

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