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Manage your prices, generate quotations with drawings and significantly increase your revenues with a CPQ software solution adapted to special machines.

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Commercial & technical configurator

Special machine manufacturers face a series of interconnected challenges:

  • Manage the complexity inherent in the intricate customization of their products, while complying with strict business rules and constantly evolving technical standards.
  • Accurate pricing to maintain profit margins while remaining competitive in a demanding market.
  • Responding to the need for rapid customization and close collaboration with customers requires effective communication to avoid errors and delays.
  • Generate complex quotations, including document management, in a minimum of time to satisfy the customer.


Moreover, international competition and technological advances impose constant pressure on costs, requiring innovative solutions to remain competitive.

Against this backdrop, manufacturers need to streamline and optimize their sales processes by equipping themselves with collaborative, scalable solutions tailored to the specific needs of their business.

CPQ is a pragmatic solution foroptimizing your configuration, pricing and quotation process, offering an efficient, accurate and reliable approach. With CPQ, you can simplify equipment customization, respond faster to customer requests and reduce pricing errors.

By integrating a CPQ solution, you can improve your competitiveness by offering tailor-made solutions, while boosting productivity and profitability.


Simplified management of complex offers

The quotation creation process can often be complex and time-consuming. Gathering information from different sources and coordinating teams can slow down the response to customer requests. This is the added value of a CPQ solution: centralizing and automating the design of complex commercial offers in a single tool. Engineers, sales people and financial managers can work together quickly and efficiently, avoiding the need to go back and forth between different departments.

The result is a faster sales process, greater responsiveness to customers and a significant increase in opportunities to close deals.
By using CPQ, your company gains in productivity and efficiency, while offering customized, competitive solutions.

Precise pricing

Pricing in the special machine industry can depend on many factors, such as materials, technical specifications and manufacturing costs. CPQ incorporates pricing mechanisms based on up-to-date rules and data, guaranteeing competitive prices and optimum profitability.

Configuration management

The CPQ helps to efficiently manage the different configurations of special machines, while taking into account technical constraints and compatibilities, thus avoiding compatibility errors between different components.

Improved customer responsiveness

By enabling rapid generation of accurate quotations, CPQ speeds up response to customer requests. This boosts the company’s responsiveness, improves the customer experience and increases the chances of closing sales.

Reducing errors and risks

By automating the quotation process, CPQ reduces the risk of human error in calculations and technical specifications, which can have a significant impact on final product quality and customer satisfaction.

Sales performance monitoring

CPQ provides valuable analytical data on sales trends, customer preferences and the products most in demand. This information helps us make informed decisions to adapt our offering to market needs.

To ensure the success of your CPQ project

ITCelerator is an experienced CPQ software solutions integrator and consultancy.
Our teams of experts will help you choose and integrate your CPQ solution to ensure its success.

All our CPQ solutions

Our consultants will carry out the complete, customized implementation of your CPQ solution for you, ensuring a presence in all phases of a project: discovery/analysis of needs, modeling/parameterization of your product/service catalog and transfer of skills to make you autonomous.

Our expertise in detail

3D configurator

3D configuration, a real sales booster!

3D modeling of your products is a powerful argument in the act of buying. Using a 3D configurator or a 3D CPQ, the end customer can visualize and interact directly with the product and view it from every angle, sometimes even in Augmented Reality!

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Configuration, pricing, quotation (CPQ)

The CPQ, a commercial and technical configurator!
As a configurator of complex, customized products & services, CPQ enables you to generate clear, reliable quotations quickly. Some solutions integrate dynamic 3D graphics, and even generate bills of materials…

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From quotation to collection (QTC)

Quote-To-Cash or Revenue Lifecycle Management

It manages all sales processes, from the configuration of an offer and the generation of a quotation, to the collection of payment. A comprehensive, end-to-end solution that facilitates configuration, contract negotiation, recurrence (subscription/pay-per-use) and revenue recognition.

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Contract management (CLM)

Manage your contracts throughout their lifecycle

The CLM, sometimes called “clausier” or “contrathèque”, is a software package that simplifies the generation of contracts by automating and proposing predefined clauses that can be used autonomously by the business, with monitoring and control by the legal department.

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