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Configure your complex products and installations in just a few minutes, then generate accurate, reliable sales quotations accompanied by realistic 2D and 3D renderings.

Bring agility, visibility and reliability to your sales process to increase your revenues.

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Simplify and optimize sales

The sales process for electrical equipment manufacturers is often complex, requiring careful management of configurations, prices and quotations. CPQ, or Configuration, Pricing, Quotation, is a powerful, intelligent software solution designed specifically to simplify and optimize this process.

Advanced customization

With CPQ, even the most complex electrical systems can be customized and configured to suit the specific needs of a project: features, functionalities, uses, options, standards, CPQ is designed and parameterized according to your requirements and business rules.

Simplified management of complex offers

The quotation creation process can be long and tedious, requiring the collection of information from a variety of sources. With CPQ, quotations can be generated quickly and easily by bringing together all the necessary information in a single tool. This speeds up the sales process, improves responsiveness to customers and increases the chances of closing deals.

Optimizing prices = increasing revenue

Pricing electrical equipment can be complex, with many factors to take into account: material costs, labor, margins and discounts. CPQ automates the pricing process according to your business rules. It takes into account all relevant factors and generates accurate, competitive prices in real time. This enables manufacturers tooptimize their margins while remaining competitive on the market.

Reduce errors – ensure customer satisfaction

Precise configuration and real-time 2D and 3D visualization of the product enable potential errors to be identified and corrected before the sale. This considerably reduces the risk of incompatibility or subsequent technical problems, which in turn means fewer product returns and the associated costs. What’s more, by providing customers with detailed, accurate quotations, the risk of disputes is reduced, helping to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improving operating performance

The CPQ platform enables seamless communication between sales, engineering and production teams. Technical information is shared seamlessly, facilitating collaboration and reducing delays due to internal communication or re-keying.

Performance monitoring and analysis

CPQ offers in-depth analysis capabilities by collecting data on customer preferences, most popular configurations, pricing trends and more. This information can be used to continuously adjust and improve our product and service offering, and to make informed business decisions.

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ITCelerator is a consulting & business configuration software (CPQ) integrator with extensive experience.
Our teams of experts will help you choose and integrate your CPQ solution to ensure its success.

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Our consultants will take care of the complete, customized implementation of your CPQ software, ensuring a presence in all phases of a project: discovery/analysis of needs, modeling/parameterization of your products/services catalog & transfer of skills to make you autonomous.

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