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Reliable tailor-made offers in the shortest possible time, while guaranteeing optimum profitability.

As a concrete manufacturer, you need to be able to offer reliable, made-to-measure solutions in the shortest possible time, without having to go through the design office, while guaranteeing optimum profitability.

Integrating a CPQ solution enables manufacturers to simplify andautomate their sales process, offering numerous advantages.

CPQ offers choice guides for configuring all the parameters specific to a construction project in real time: choice of construction elements, dosages, carbon footprint, logistics, etc.

In this way, users can quickly and easily build a customized sales offer. It will have all the functionalities needed to significantly improve sales (volume, value, up-selling and cross-selling, etc.), integrating where necessary a 2D or even realistic 3D visualization supported by an augmented reality projection.

CPQ to optimize pricing processes

Precast concrete is subject to significant variable costs, notably those associated with raw materials and components, labor and the use of heavy equipment. CPQ enablesprecise cost calculations to be made for each project, helping companies to differentiate themselves with a new service, manage their margins and remain competitive.

Effective pricing, supported by a CPQ solution, offers the ability to meet these requirements with precision and confidence. This translates into improved profitability, more efficient sales management and greater customer satisfaction.

Better coordination and faster, more efficient, more reliable execution of construction projects

The prefabrication process requires precise coordination between different teams and departments, such as design, manufacturing, logistics and sales. CPQ’s collaborative platforms provide a centralized, real-time overview of all current projects and product configurations. This contributes to better coordination and faster, more efficient and more reliable site execution.

CPQ reduces delays and the risk of manual errors due to multiple re-entries.

Let’s take an example:

The configuration of a prefabricated sub-base. The collaborative platform, accessible from any type of device (e.g. a tablet), enables soil design engineers to work together to lay the foundations, and then sales staff to configure the structure by placing concrete studs, beams and joists. The CPQ solution can also use Artificial Intelligence to select the products best suited to energy and budget requirements.

Finally, a digital twin, with a reinforcement plan and installation instructions generated by the tool, can be automatically generated to guarantee the quality of the installation.

Performance monitoring and analysis

CPQ provides complete visibility of the sales process, enabling you to track performance, measure key indicators and make informed decisions. You can analyze trends, identify the most profitable products, adjust your pricing strategies and detect opportunities for improvement.

CPQ enables you to maximize your profitability andoptimize your business over the long term.


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Our consultants will carry out the complete, customized implementation of your CPQ solution for you, ensuring a presence in all phases of a project: discovery/analysis of needs, modeling/parameterization of your product/service catalog & transfer of skills to make you autonomous.

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