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ITCelerator relies on a panel of CPQ software solutions recognized as among the most efficient in the market( GartnerMagic Quadrant ), and the know-how of its consultants with varied profiles and experience, to implement the solution best suited to your needs.

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Efficiency, profitability and competitive advantages are the keys to a company’s growth. At ITCelerator, we understand that our customers’ success depends on their ability to optimize their processes and maximize their revenues:

We offer you a strategic approach to boosting your growth by simplifying and optimizing your sales cycle with CPQ.

What is the CPQ?

The CPQ – configuration, pricing and quotation platform– is a tool designed to enable salespeople, partners and customers to configure complex products and offers efficiently and accurately. It covers the full range of sales activities: from prospect/customer opportunities to order confirmation and the generation of a sales offer.

The CPQ process enables companies to streamline their sales process, saving time and improving the customer experience. It enables real-timeprice adjustments, and speeds up order preparation by limiting the risk of error.

A differentiated, high value-added offering

Average values observed among our customers who have integrated a CPQ software solution

Offer your customers a fluid, fast and personalized shopping experience, while benefiting from increased visibility of your margins and sales performance.

CPQ benefits

In short, CPQ is an invaluable ally for companies, helping to improve efficiency, accuracy and profitability while offering a better experience.

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Integrating a CPQ solution into its information system has become a strategic competitive advantage. Nevertheless, the choice and implementation of the software package must be accompanied byan expert who, in addition to his expertise in CPQ solutions, will be able to understand and translate your specific business requirements into a solution integrated into your overall information system.

Our consulting firm offers you comprehensive support to ensure that your project is a success, that your objectives are met and that your return on investment is rapid.

The best software solutions on the market :

At ITCelerator, we firmly believe that CPQ is the key to transforming your sales process and boosting your growth. Our experts work closely with you to select and integrate the most appropriate software solution for your specific needs, enabling you to benefit from greater operational efficiency, improved margins and enhanced customer satisfaction.

We have studied current software to offer you a selection of the most relevant and scalable CPQ solutions:


Answers from a CPQ software expert


Welcome to our FAQ section dedicated to CPQ solutions. Here you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about configuration, pricing and quotation generation.

A configurator and a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) are two tools used in sales to help configure customizable products, determine their price and generate quotes.
A configurator lets you customize a product by selecting different options (size, color, features). A CPQ goes beyond personalization. It’s a tool that adds pricing and quotation functionalities to generate customized and accurate offers, taking into account the applicable pricing, rebate and discount rules for the specific product and market.


Plus points:
Solutions tailored to specific needs
Mastery of customization (functions and interfaces)
Flexibility in solution development

The minuses:
Longer lead times
Higher development costs
Scalability dependent on additional costs compared to initial development.
Risk of loss of knowledge of the solution developed, or even loss of technical expertise to upgrade the solution.
Potential obsolescence of the technology used, to the detriment of developments or even innovations.


Plus points:
Standard and adaptable solution
Durability of the solution
Guaranteed scalability
Innovation (Artificial Intelligence, Chatbot, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality)
Reliability and robustness, particularly in terms of the long-term viability of the technological solution
Faster implementation than custom development
Limited set-up costs

The minuses:
Limited flexibility in terms of customization
A recurring cost (monthly or annual)
Scalability in line with the editor’s roadmap

The CPQ solutions we have selected natively offer multiple connectors to leading ERP, CRM, CAD, PIM and other tools, making them easy to integrate into your information system and creating a seamless experience for users.

  • Improved operational efficiency: by connecting sales, production and customer relationship management processes, workflows are streamlined.
  • Faster sales cycles: the ability to create accurate, personalized quotes in real time means deals can be closed more quickly.
  • Improved data accuracy: ensures data consistency and accuracy throughout the sales process.
  • Reduce errors in the sales process.
  • Better data visibility: by consolidating sales, production and customer relationship management information.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: a personalized, fast and accurate customer experience.

A CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is a highly specialized configuration system for product customization and pricing management. It integrates seamlessly into an e-commerce site to offer users a fluid, high-performance, seamless and complete shopping experience.

Artificial intelligence is not a basic CPQ module, but our CPQ solutions experts can help you implement a project of this type.


Powerful costing solution

CONGA CPQ is based on no-code parameterization, an advanced pricing engine (with a basket concept very useful for multi-product sales) and a user-friendly interface facilitating collaboration between your different departments.

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The only CPQ with its own 3D engine

EPICOR CPQ is a powerful, scalable visual CPQ with its own 3D visualization engine, capable of dynamically drawing your products, exporting to CAD format and generating bills of materials (BOMs).

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Ready CPQ

The 100% French no-code CPQ!

Configure & cost your products, with or without graphic rendering, and go as far as electronic signature thanks to the READY CPQ solution, easy to set up without any IT skills (nocode).

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