Scope of requirements :
Ensuring the success of your project

We put our technical expertise to work to meet your specific needs. With a team of experienced consultants, we bring you both functional and technical knowledge for each of your projects.

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Accelerate the costing of your complex products and increase your sales!

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Our approach

As a consulting partner, we have in-depth, global expertise in CPQ – CLM and Quote-to-cash market offerings, combined with in-depth knowledge of manufacturing environments, processes and organizations.

To ensure the success of your CPQ or CLM project, we support you right from the audit and scoping phase.

Our team of consultants collects and references all functional and technical requirements, in order to define your needs, your challenges and the project environment.

Our process

Our methodology consists of several stages:

Salesforce Industries CPQ

Salesforce Industries CPQ: a 360° solution – from configuration to sales offer generation

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The 100% French no-code commercial configurator!

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Automatic document generation

Automate the document creation process!

Document generation, or “DocGen” in English, enables automatic generation of documents such as contracts, reports, proposals, invoices, and other types of commercial or institutional documents to gain in productivity, accuracy and efficiency.

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Conga Composer

Automatic document generation: optimize your document workflow!

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