“Releasing a new offer is complicated and time-consuming”.

Challenges & Constraints

  • Lack of autonomy to create new offers
  • Updating offers requires IT intervention
  • Time-consuming and costly marketing process
  • Time to market too long: loss of competitive advantage

What the CPQ brings

  • Mastery of parameterization via Excel & Low/No -Code files
  • End-of-project skills transfer (see training)
  • Rapid parameterization & optimized modeling at the start of the project
  • Speed and autonomy of the Marketing team on the catalog


“My customer asks me for a quote within the hour
but I’m drowning in administrative tasks”.

Challenges & Constraints

  • Impatient, demanding customers
  • Increasingly personalized requests
  • Manual re-entries in different systems
  • Excel-based pricing: not very maintainable, data not up to date
  • Risk of losing deals

What the CPQ brings

  • Quick quotes in just a few clicks
  • Complete catalog, adapted & illustrated if necessary
  • Salesforce CRM integration, API interfaces, web integration
  • Accurate and reliable pricing, easy to maintain (as in Excel)
  • Quick, reliable & illustrated quotes in complete autonomy

Design office

“I spend all my time making 3D models for sales people”.

Challenges & Constraints

  • Supporting sales teams in 3D
  • Repetitive, unrewarding tasks
  • Not enough time for innovation
  • Receives sometimes far-fetched requests from the trade

What the CPQ brings

  • Empowers sales reps in 3D
  • Allows the design office to focus on its added value
  • Limits EC intervention to “special” cases only
  • Locks in the design & costing of M5Ps (5-legged sheep)


“The orders that come to me are not always feasible”.

Challenges & Constraints

  • Products sold cannot be manufactured (infeasibility/error)
  • The costing tool does not take into account our recent adjustments
  • Lack of collaboration with the trade
  • Lack of technical documents (appendices/plans/CAD drawings)

What the CPQ brings

  • Feasibility checks right from the costing stage (technical constraints)
  • Management of single products & assemblies
  • BOM generation & 3D export in CAD format
  • Complete order with technical components


“I’d like to strengthen my spare parts sales”.

Challenges & Constraints

  • Lack of autonomy to set up a configurator
  • No dedicated budget for this activity
  • Need for a simple tool accessible to our agents & customers
  • Visualization of the desired product (simplification)

What the CPQ brings

  • After-sales catalog based on the general catalog (same tool)
  • Easy to implement by the business (low/no-code modeling)
  • Internet access for customers & partners (e-commerce possible)
  • 3D product visualization (exploded view possible)


“Yet another business tool to maintain & administer”.

Challenges & Constraints

  • Additional tool to integrate & maintain
  • Risk of going over time/budget?
  • Which technologies?
  • The solution must be able to be integrated into the existing IS

What the CPQ brings

  • Set up by ITCelerator in collaboration with you and the business
  • Project scope defined and controlled (6-12 months depending on complexity)
  • Business-managed solutions (no/low -code)
  • Market technologies (Microsoft Azure,, SQL, SSO, etc.)


“My salespeople use abusive discounts to win business”.

Challenges & Constraints

  • Long, complex approval process
  • Lack of vision for business activity
  • Difficulty controlling prices set by sales staff
  • Inefficient sales force

What the CPQ brings

  • Integrated workflow for commercial offer approval
  • Offer centralization and statistical analysis (BI) capabilities
  • Discount & margin control, validation request
  • Powerful tool for generating attractive offers

General Management

“More spending, but for what results?”

Challenges & Constraints

  • Additional investments
  • Additional workload for teams
  • An additional tool in a heterogeneous IS
  • What’s the ROI on this type of solution?

What the CPQ brings

  • Rapid ROI (usually 2-3 years) thanks to :
  • Maintenance by the trades, not just IT
  • No hidden costs: everything is included in the subscription (SaaS)
  • Integration into the IS and can sometimes replace several software packages

The CPQ, a tool for collective performance!

Whatever your sector of activity (industry, retail, banking, insurance…), CPQ will help you centralize your product data, automate your sales processes & better manage your complex products & services.

The CPQ’s integration into your information system (IS) will guarantee smooth, data-entry-free operation, from the generation of a lead on the Internet right through to production, thanks to the generation of technical data (if required). That’s the whole point of an omnichannel solution.

A visual CPQ not only enables you to win over your customers by generating 2D/3D graphics in real time, but also reduces the risk of error, as both sales staff and customers can directly visualize what they are configuring.

Finally, it’s important to point out that recent Low & No -Code technologies are particularly interesting for giving the power back to the “Business” to maintain its working tool, thus freeing up the IT department for other crucial tasks such as security or IS performance.

Do you want to develop your sales and become more efficient?