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Simplified sales management, increased efficiency and sustainable growth thanks to Conga QTC.

Productivity gains, customized offers, transparent contract management, enhanced visibility, etc. Conga QTC is a complete and powerful solution for automating, optimizing and improving sales processes.

Complete automation of the sales process

Conga QTC offers complete automation of the sales cycle, from quotation creation to contract management and invoicing. This eliminates time-consuming manual tasks, speeds up sales processes and reduces the risk of errors.

Optimizing productivity

By automating administrative tasks, Conga QTC frees up time to concentrate on higher value-added activities.

Customize quotations and contracts

Conga QTC offers the possibility of customizing quotations and contracts according to the specific needs of each customer, improving competitiveness in the marketplace.

Transparent collaboration

Conga QTC’s platform facilitates real-time collaboration between sales teams, legal teams and customers. This reduces response times, improves internal and external communication, and speeds up transaction completion.

Centralized contract management

Conga QTC manages the entire contract lifecycle, from drafting to electronic signature, including tracking renewals and modifications. This enhances compliance and traceability, while reducing contractual risks.

Real-time analysis and reporting

Conga QTC offers real-time visibility across the entire sales process, enabling you to quickly identify growth opportunities, analyze sales performance and make informed decisions based on reliable data.

Integration with existing systems

Conga QTC is designed for easy integration with CRM and ERP systems. This frictionless integration facilitates adoption of the platform and ensures a smooth transition.

Improving the customer experience

Thanks to faster, more transparent sales processes, you can offer a better customer experience, which in turn promotes loyalty among existing customers and attracts new prospects.

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CONGA solutions expert answers


Welcome to our FAQ section dedicated to QTC solutions. Here you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about contract management and renewal.

1. The quote-to-cash process is applied and governed by several teams, such as the sales department, the delivery team and the finance department. And while each team has a specific role and function, such as the finance team, responsible for accounts receivable and sales management, all departments need to combine their expertise and work together efficiently and collaboratively.

2. With CONGA Quote-to-cash, all the independent actions that make up the management cycle are managed easily and transparently for all parties involved.

3. This enables vendors to efficiently provide accurate information to customers, minimize order and billing errors, and improve data analysis and forecasting.

CONGA Quote-to-Cash helps reduce errors and delays in several ways:

  • automation of manual tasks in the sales process, such as quotation creation, contract management and invoicing, reducing human error and delays in order processing.
  • order validation and verification, ensuring that all orders comply with company policies and regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies.
  • real-time visibility of order status, enabling sales and customer service teams to track order progress and ensure that customers receive their products or services on time, thus reducing order delays and cancellations.

CONGA QTC speeds up payment and improves cash flow thanks to several factors:

  • Electronic invoicing and online payment, enabling customers to pay their invoices quickly and easily online, reducing payment times and the cost of manual invoice processing.
  • Real-time visibility of payments and pending invoices, enabling finance teams to monitor payment performance and take action to resolve late payments or overdue invoices.
  • Cash management, such as cash flow forecasts and cash flow reports, enabling finance teams to monitor corporate cash flows and make informed decisions on investments and growth strategies.

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