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A CPQ solution automates and simplifies the way complex products are configured, priced and offered to customers. Applied to the special-purpose machinery sector, it enables sales to be developed not only through the sales force, but also through dealers and the web, thanks to an omnichannel approach.

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Commercial & technical configurator

Manufacturers of special-purpose machinery (farm machinery/tractors, construction machinery/excavators, bulldozers, etc.) face a series of interconnected challenges:

  • Manage the complexity inherent in the intricate customization of their products, while complying with strict business rules and constantly evolving technical standards.
  • Accurate pricing to maintain profit margins while remaining competitive in a demanding market.
  • Responding to the need for rapid customization and close collaboration with customers requires effective communication to avoid errors and delays.
  • Generate complex quotations, including document management, in a minimum of time to satisfy the customer.

Moreover, international competition and technological advances impose constant pressure on costs, requiring innovative solutions to remain competitive.

Against this backdrop, manufacturers need to streamline and optimize their sales processes by equipping themselves with collaborative, scalable solutions tailored to the specific needs of their business.

CPQ is a pragmatic solution for optimizing your configuration, pricing and quotation process, offering an efficient, accurate and reliable approach. With CPQ, you can simplify equipment customization, respond faster to customer requests and reduce pricing errors.

By integrating a CPQ solution, you can improve your competitiveness by offering tailor-made solutions, while boosting productivity and profitability.

Backed up by the CPQ (Configuration, Pricing, Quotation), 3D modeling enables you to visualize product modifications as you configure the product, as well as the associated pricing.

In this way, users can see themselves in the act of buying, which considerably reduces the time it takes to make a decision.

By combining Augmented Reality (AR) with the CPQ’s pricing and quoting function, customers can obtain, in addition to pricing information, a visualization of their desired product in actual size and in their environment, which can also lead to a faster sales process.

Combined with the power ofArtificial Intelligence (AI), a CPQ is an undeniable asset in a company’s commercial development.

Reactivity in the launch of new offers (Time-To-Market), time savings per quotation (Time-To-Quote) andomnichannel capability, enabling us to offer a common quotation solution across all sales channels, are major competitive advantages.

The contribution of 3D visualization helps to project the customer, to reassure the salesperson (fewer errors) and also to facilitate the sale of spare parts thanks to an exploded view of the product.

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3D configurator

3D configuration, a real sales booster!

3D modeling of your products is a powerful argument in the act of buying. Using a 3D configurator or a 3D CPQ, the end customer can visualize and interact directly with the product and view it from every angle, sometimes even in Augmented Reality!

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Configuration, pricing, quotation (CPQ)

The CPQ, a commercial and technical configurator!
As a configurator of complex, customized products & services, CPQ enables you to generate clear, reliable quotations quickly. Some solutions integrate dynamic 3D graphics, and even generate bills of materials…

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Acting as a co-pilot to your sales people, or as a sales advisor directly to your end customers, AI can help you boost your sales activity in a variety of ways.

ITCelerator, CPQ Expert, supports you in the implementation of AI tools based on your business data.

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