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8 February 2024

Prescription Béton (Jan. 2024)

Prescription Béton is a trade news magazine specialising in concrete construction news. Christine Raynaud, editor-in-chief, explains how ITCelerator simplifies sales processes for concrete construction and prefabrication by comparing the CPQ approach to a bespoke ‘commercial’ BIM. Extract from the interview with Stéphane Kors, CEO and founder of ITCelerator. “P.B.: You work in the world of […]

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Béton Le Magazine
8 February 2024

Béton(s) Le Magazine (Feb.24)

Béton (s) Le Magazine is a trade news magazine specializing in concrete construction and its industrial processes. In the latest issue, Frédéric Gluzicki, Publication Director, highlights ITCelerator’s ability to support industry players with its CPQ offering. “Expert in configuration and costing tools, ITCelerator aims to support concrete manufacturers. This, with specialized sales support solutions, like […]

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Verre & Protections
26 January 2024

Verre & Protections (January 2024)

Verre & Protections is a trade magazine specializing in news from the glazing, joinery and protection sector. Frédéric Taddei, editor-in-chief of this industry reference, presents the advantages of 3D coupled with CPQ through the KparK success story. “CPQ is aimed at markets with a certain degree of complexity, be it in the product itself, in […]

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15 January 2024

BATIRAMA (Jan. 24)

BATIRAMA is a trade magazine specializing in news from the building and public works sector. Editor Emilie Wood explains CPQ (Configuration – Pricing – Quotation) and its benefits for construction through case studies and ITCelerator projects. “CPQ is designed for markets with a certain degree of complexity, be it in the product itself, in the […]

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Le Moniteur
2 January 2024

Le Moniteur (Dec. 2023)

LE MONITEUR magazine (part of the Infopro Digital group), the leading construction weekly, highlights the CPQ 3D project carried out by ITCelerator at KparK, the specialist in joinery and other home furnishing products. The integration of the Epicor CPQ solution, in addition to Salesforce, enables KparK to benefit from a high-performance complex configuration engine and […]

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Construction CAYOLA
24 October 2023

Construction CAYOLA (Jan. 24)

Construction news site CAYOLA, specializing in news from the construction sector, highlights ITCelerator through the “Commercial BIM” axis. The CPQ configuration solutions offered by ITCelerator This means that a visual CPQ can manage product constraints (commercial as well as technical), generate a 3D visual corresponding to the configured product, as well as CAD exports and, […]

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Verre & Menuiserie Actualités
18 October 2023

Verre & Menuiserie News (Oct. 2023)

Verre & Menuiserie Actualités (VMA) highlights ITCelerator ‘s expertise in its magazine dedicated to the world of Glass, Joinery & Closure and Solar Protection. The focus is on the KparK project and ITCelerator’s 3D expertise (see article). It reflects ITCelerator ‘s experience in the joinery sector, and the interest of 3D in this B2B2C sector, […]

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Construction CAYOLA
15 September 2023

Construction CAYOLA (Sept. 2023)

Construction news site CAYOLA reports on the success of the KparK project led by ITCelerator (see article). The focus is on the benefits of visual CPQ and 3D for complex, made-to-measure products, in particular KparK’s Pergola. Thanks to the Construction CAYOLA editorial team for their article below: KparK and ITCelerator transform the shopping experience with […]

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