Prescription Béton (Jan. 2024)

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8 February 2024


Prescription Béton is a trade news magazine specialising in concrete construction news.

Christine Raynaud, editor-in-chief, explains how ITCelerator simplifies sales processes for concrete construction and prefabrication by comparing the CPQ approach to a bespoke ‘commercial’ BIM.

Extract from the interview with Stéphane Kors, CEO and founder of ITCelerator.

“P.B.: You work in the world of construction. What is your added value for building sites, and more specifically for precast concrete?

S.K.: Concrete precasters have to be able to offer reliable made-to-measure solutions in the shortest possible time, while guaranteeing optimum profitability. At ITCelerator, we are adapting our support to meet these challenges by helping these players to choose the best CPQ solution.
The aim is to implement the most effective sales solution, taking into account the rules of the trade
regulations (legal and environmental).
We use selection guides to configure all the parameters specific to a construction project in real time (choice of construction elements, dosages, carbon footprint, logistics, etc.). Once the CPQ application has been configured by ITCelerator, the user can very easily build a customised commercial offer. It will provide them with all the functions they need to significantly improve their sales.

It will have all the functionalities needed to significantly improve its sales (volume, value, up-selling and cross-selling, etc.), integrating where necessary a realistic 2D or even 3D visualisation supported by an augmented reality projection.
The prefabrication process requires precise coordination between different teams and departments, such as design, manufacturing, logistics and sales. CPQ’s collaborative platforms address this by providing a centralised, real-time overview of all current projects and product configurations. This contributes to better coordination and faster, more efficient and more reliable execution of projects. The CPQ thus reduces delays and any risk of manual errors associated with multiple re-entries. (…) “

Thanks to Christine Raynaud and all the editorial team!

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