Verre & Menuiserie News (Oct. 2023)

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18 October 2023

Verre & Menuiserie Actualités

Verre & Menuiserie Actualités (VMA) highlights ITCelerator ‘s expertise in its magazine dedicated to the world of Glass, Joinery & Closure and Solar Protection.

The focus is on the KparK project and ITCelerator’s 3D expertise (see article).

It reflects ITCelerator ‘s experience in the joinery sector, and the interest of 3D in this B2B2C sector, where the end customer (the private individual) appreciates being able to visualize the configured product and its customization options.

Thanks to the VMA editorial team for this publication, which can be found on the magazine’s website: ITCelerator shopping experience thanks to 3D and CPQ (

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