Artificial Intelligence for Sales

Acting as a co-pilot to your sales people, or as a sales advisor directly to your end customers, AI can help you boost your sales activity in a variety of ways.

ITCelerator, CPQ Expert, supports you in the implementation of AI tools based on your business data.

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Serving your performance

Artificial Intelligence (AI), integrated into your IS, brings value to your sales department and more generally to your company’s sales by stimulating the internal sales force, your network of resellers/dealers or end customers, whether professional (B2B) or private (B2C).

With ITCelerator, discover how AI can transform your sales approach and maximize your sales performance.

AI can be relevant to a wide range of uses, such as configuration assistance:

An expert at your side

ITCelerator, CPQ Consulting & Expert, can help you in this process:

  • Consulting: analysis of your needs, “pain points” and objectives; analysis of the IS concerned & recommendations
  • Deployment: integration of the chosen AI solution according to a defined action plan, based on your current data.
  • Support: training via our QUALIOPI certification by ICPF, skills upgrading for your administrators & if necessary, annual application maintenance to support you over the long term.


Other use cases imagined by ITCelerator :

  • Sales assistant: based on data from your configurator (CPQ) and/or your sales history, AI suggests configurations, pricing or additional sales to the sales assistant.
  • Suggestion engine: using key words entered by the user, whether professional or private, the AI will suggest configurations (e.g. fitted kitchen). Then, by selecting one of these suggestions, the user will launch the configurator, pre-selecting variants/options.
  • RFQ analysis & response engine: with the help of training received, AI will be able to “understand” the expectations of your RFQs and, based on the constraints of your CPQ, propose one or more types of response. All the salesperson has to do is choose the answer that best suits his or her prospect’s needs (price, carbon footprint, lead time, etc.).


AI for Sales

Optimize your business processes

AI can analyze historical sales data, market trends and customer behaviors to recommend optimal pricing, which can lead to increased margins and revenues.

According to a study by Salesforce, 51% of companies are already using AI in some capacity to improve sales, and this number is set to rise to 62% by 2022.

By using AI to analyze customer data and predict their needs, companies can provide more personalized and relevant offers, which can increase conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Research from McKinsey & Company reveals that companies using AI in their sales processes can increase their conversion rates by 50% and reduce their selling costs by up to 60%.

AI can automate tasks such as creating quotations, managing contracts and following up leads, freeing up salespeople’s time to focus on higher value-added activities.

A survey conducted by Gartner indicates that by 2025, over 80% of interactions between companies and customers will be automated, mainly through the use of AI.

Our answers about AI


Welcome to our FAQ section dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. Here you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about AI and its interaction with commerce.

AI in sales refers to the use of intelligent technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing to improve sales processes. In the context of CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), AI can automate and optimize offer configuration, pricing and quote generation.

AI in CPQ simplifies and accelerates the sales process by automating repetitive tasks such as product configuration, pricing and quote creation. It also uses historical data and predictive models to recommend the best product and pricing options, enabling sales reps to propose more personalized and competitive offers.

Benefits include increased sales productivity thanks to greater automation, reduced quotation errors and improved pricing accuracy. What’s more, AI can analyze sales data and customer behaviors to identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, contributing to revenue growth.

CPQ solutions using AI must comply with data security and privacy standards, such as encryption of sensitive data, restricted access to customer information and compliance with regulations such as RGPD. Companies also need to choose trusted suppliers and implement robust policies and procedures to guarantee data protection.

The future of AI in CPQ is bright, with continued advances in machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision technologies. We can expect to see greater integration of AI into CPQ systems, offering more advanced functionalities such as prediction of customer needs, product recommendation and even greater personalization of offers.

Configurateur 3D

3D configurator

3D configuration, a real sales booster!

3D modeling of your products is a powerful argument in the act of buying. Using a 3D configurator or a 3D CPQ, the end customer can visualize and interact directly with the product and view it from every angle, sometimes even in Augmented Reality!

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Configuration, pricing, quotation (CPQ)

The CPQ, a commercial and technical configurator!
As a configurator of complex, customized products & services, CPQ enables you to generate clear, reliable quotations quickly. Some solutions integrate dynamic 3D graphics, and even generate bills of materials…

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Contract management (CLM)

Manage your contracts throughout their lifecycle

The CLM, sometimes called “clausier” or “contrathèque”, is a software package that simplifies the generation of contracts by automating and proposing predefined clauses that can be used autonomously by the business, with monitoring and control by the legal department.

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From quotation to collection (QTC)

Quote-To-Cash or Revenue Lifecycle Management

It manages all sales processes, from the configuration of an offer and the generation of a quotation, to the collection of payment. A comprehensive, end-to-end solution that facilitates configuration, contract negotiation, recurrence (subscription/pay-per-use) and revenue recognition.

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