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Salesforce Industries CPQ automates and simplifies the way complex products and services are configured, priced and offered to customers. It is a comprehensive and powerful tool capable of managing the construction of an insurance offer, its eligibility, pricing and underwriting.

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Accelerate the costing of your complex products and increase your sales!

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The customer experience has become a major competitive criterion.
Customers are looking for a quick and easy way to insure themselves and their loved ones.

So how can we make the quotation process quicker and more efficient, with fewer questions? How can we make it easier to issue the insurance policy? How can we simplify insurance documents and ensure that customers understand how they are covered?


Salesforce Industries CPQ automates and simplifies the way complex products and services are configured, priced and offered to customers. It’s a comprehensive and powerful tool capable of managing the construction of an offer, its eligibility, pricing and subscription.

Automating processes and eliminating silos can boost productivity and accuracy, enabling insurers to focus on complex tasks.

Salesforce Industries CPQ :
a 360° solution – from configuration to sales offer generation

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Features :

Managing new contracts

  • From Salesforce CRM, create or access the customer file
  • Gather information from users, both private and professional, using quick and easy questionnaires
  • Calculation / costing based on specified criteria and product-specific modeling
  • Immediate generation of personalized offer
  • Warranty selector
  • Membership form generation
  • Electronic signature

Contract lifecycle management

  • Customized, automated incident management
  • Management of contract renewal / amendment / termination : online request from the customer, then managed by the agency.


Earnings gas pedal

  • Reducing complexity for sales reps and customers: intuitive, easy-to-understand selection guides
  • Increase productivity and improve conversion rates Automation of the offer generation process enables sales teams to concentrate on customer relations and other less time-consuming tasks.
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Development of up-selling and cross-selling
  • Improved analysis and automation thanks to AI
  • A tool for differentiation and loyalty.

A flexible, modular and scalable solution

  • Evolving offers in line with regulatory changes
  • White-label publishing of offers possible
  • Standardized, personalized pricing
  • Omnichannel implementation: customer path, shopping cart, offers, integration
  • Full Web operation and administration
  • Integrated, plug-in-based desktop publishing for Excel, Word…

Back-office platform modeling

ITCelerator, Salesforce Partner and leader in CPQ and quote-to-cash solution integration:

  • A team of certified Salesforce experts
  • Over 40 years of combined expertise
  • A global view of the IS environment
  • A versatile, international team
  • Training organization certified Qualiopi by ICPF for the training action: see our programs

Configuration, pricing, quotation (CPQ)

The CPQ, a commercial and technical configurator!
As a configurator of complex, customized products & services, CPQ enables you to generate clear, reliable quotations quickly. Some solutions integrate dynamic 3D graphics, and even generate bills of materials…

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Contract management (CLM)

Manage your contracts throughout their lifecycle

The CLM, sometimes called “clausier” or “contrathèque”, is a software package that simplifies the generation of contracts by automating and proposing predefined clauses that can be used autonomously by the business, with monitoring and control by the legal department.

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Automatic document generation

Automate the document creation process!

Document generation, or “DocGen” in English, enables automatic generation of documents such as contracts, reports, proposals, invoices, and other types of commercial or institutional documents to gain in productivity, accuracy and efficiency.

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