Verre & Protections (January 2024)

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26 January 2024

Verre & Protections

Verre & Protections is a trade magazine specializing in news from the glazing, joinery and protection sector. Frédéric Taddei, editor-in-chief of this industry reference, presents the advantages of 3D coupled with CPQ through the KparK success story.

“CPQ is aimed at markets with a certain degree of complexity, be it in the product itself, in the combination of different products, or the complexity linked to tariffs or that of the calls for tender to which manufacturers and distributors must respond.

“The KparK offer is extensive: windows, shutters, doors of all kinds, blinds, gates and fences, all made-to-measure, which makes it a complex offering. “Making the product catalog easily, attractively and quickly accessible to customers was a major challenge when ITCelerator and KparK came together.” François Banse, KparK’s Digital Director, comments: “In addition to the quality of the products we offer, we have always attached great importance to the associated services.
So we turned to ITCelerator to help us integrate a customer-oriented configuration tool. An intuitive, fast and simple tool that enables our sales engineers to concentrate on their sales expertise.
“adds François Banse.

Many of KparK’s product ranges are integrated into the Epicor CPQ 3D configurator. Most recently, ITCelerator implemented our brand-new pergola offering in just under two months– a real feat of speed!”

Thanks to Frédéric Taddei and the entire editorial team!

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